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Can Oxy Powder Unseat Bowtrol As The New King Of Colon Cleansers?

With the holidays over I am back from my 12 week stint in Europe. Sightseeing was great. I had time to relax and enjoy the great variety of food. 


I was traveling so much and burning off so many calories, that this was the one time I didn’t really watch what I ate.  In fact, I ate everything I could find -- how could I not? I had to experience the culture and cuisine at its best.


Now I am back and the reality of trying to digest weeks of massive amounts of new food has hit me and my body is not liking it.


If you follow my blogs you should know by now that I am a fan of Colon Cleansing products. I have tried many in my lifetime; some have worked for me but the majority of them did nothing at all and make my sh*t list.  My experience with these products is something I love sharing with my loyal readers and this is what we can get rid of by using the right colon cleansing product.


Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse Oxy Colon Cleanse OxyPowder Colon Cleanse


While I was in Europe, I managed to check out a product that’s from England called Oxy Powder.  It was created by Doctor Edward Group, and I exchanged some emails with him and he’s incredibly knowledgeable.


So this time around I want to share with you my experience with Oxy Powder Colon Cleanse and how it worked… whether it was effective… and why it’s different than anything else on the market.


Where was I?  Ah yes, the ending of my European trip.


When I got back from Europe I knew I had to do something. I was back to my very rare bathroom breaks, my skin was not doing so well, I was bloated, and overall I felt drained, not to mention I was constantly getting irritated over things I normally ignore. 


Could my bad mood be because I was only going to the bathroom about twice a week? Perhaps. Read on.


I decided it was time for my colon cleansing, so I opted to use Oxy Powder Colon Cleanse just to see how well it compares to the other ones.


I was excited over what Dr. Group had told me through email, but I was truly expecting the worst, thinking Oxy Powder would eventually be added to my Colon Cleansing Junk list, as so many others have been.


To say the least, I am amazed how well Oxy Powder Colon Cleanse works.


I started feeling much better soon after starting it. It is such a relief to cleanse your colon with the right product, and Oxy Powder sure did it for me. I feel rejuvenated, and it's an amazing feeling.


Here are the fantastic results I've experienced by using Oxy Powder Colon Cleanse:


  • Regular Bowel Movements - at least once per day, often times more.

  • Fresher Breath - Yes, having too much waste in there can give you bad breath, yuck!

  • Increased Energy - I feel rejuvenated and full of energy

  • Clear Skin - I had a few breakouts before and my skin just didn't feel healthy prior to using Oxy Powder Colon Cleanse

  • Lost Weight - I lost over 7 lbs --  I must have had 7 lbs of waste inside me

  • Flatter Stomach - I got rid of all that waste and now my stomach is flatter

  • My days are sunnier - My bad mood is out the door


There are many other benefits and these are just a few, but I think you get the picture.


Some health care experts say that approximately 90% of our illnesses come from having a polluted and unhealthy colon. Imagine your colon being a drain pipe that clogs up with waste and sticks itself to the inside of the pipe while collecting more and more waste…  eventually it clogs up.


What happens next? Well, if the wall lining of your digestive tract gets caked up with waste, your body does not absorb the necessary nutrients it needs from what you eat.


As a result you end up feeling tired, get sick more often, become more forgetful, your skin can get worse, you get bloated, plus many other nasty things.


If you have ever considered using a colon cleansing product, you should definitely consider Oxy Powder Colon Cleanse as your first candidate. It worked wonders for me.


By using Oxy Powder you should feel younger, have much more energy, healthier skin, fresher breath, a flatter stomach, bloating goes away, etc.


It will restore the natural health of your vital organs and get you going on natural bowel movements.


I should mention that Oxy Powder is the only colon cleanse of its kind that uses oxygenation to cleanse you out.  Other products use ‘scraper’ compounds, so this one is certainly different.


The only downside to Oxy Powder is you will not see any weird things coming out of your body due to the oxygenation; many people might think it's not working properly because of this but yes, it does work!


Another great thing about Oxy Powder is they have a 100% money back guarantee, and that's something I always look for in any product. I want to buy from a company that stands by their product 100% and Oxy Powder sure does.


I suggest you buy several bottles of Oxy Powder not only because I think it's a great product and constant use will be beneficial, but because the more bottles you buy, the cheaper the price per bottle gets… and I love a good deal!


For example if you buy lets say a 6 month supply which would be 6 bottles, your investment comes out to be about $1.20 a day.  A buck twenty is nothing!  That’s less than a small popcorn at the movie theatre (which by the way, you better not be ordering if you’re one of my subscribers!  Ha!)


I don't understand when people penny pinch on things that will improve their health, yet we are willing to pay for things that will only deteriorate our health (like the evil Black Liquorish.)


I decided to invest my daily dollar on my health and the results are utterly amazing.


So if you are feeling ill, tired, constipated, having problems sleeping, getting headaches and other unsettling issues, try Oxy Powder.  I rank it right up there with Bowtrol.


Give it a few weeks and you will not believe the changes you will feel.


A dollar a day?


It's a no brainer, don't you think?


Here’s a link to their site:




Here’s a link to a site that sells quite a few colon cleansing products and gives you a free vacation when you do (Don’t buy Dual Action Cleanse!!!





 B. Lohan Reviews - Oxy Powder vs. Bowtrol

Best Wishes,
B. Lohan Reviews- Oxy Powder vs. Bowtrol
B.Lohan - Health Nut

10 Responses to Can Oxy Powder Unseat Bowtrol As The New King Of Colon Cleansers?”

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Thanks! - B.Lohan


1.         Katie Says:

 Hi Lohanbehold. I just wanted to stop by and tell you how great this review is. I have used several colon cleansing products but I wasn't impressed with the results. I am definitely going to try Oxy Powder, it sounds really good. Thanks!



2.         LisaJ Says:

 I agree with you Ms. B Lohan. Oxy Powder is one of a kind; it has helped me more than any other colon cleanser and because of that I've been a loyal customer ever since. Keep up the good work....... 



3          RedRock Says:

I don't know about this one - Never tried it but they are not as popular. I like to stick with big name brands.



4.         Cas59 Says:
I don't agree with Rockred a bigger name doesn't mean squat and I say this because of my experience. I have used many big name colon cleanse products and yet Oxy Powder is the one that worked the best. The quality is second to none. Rock you should try it before writing it off, trust me you will change your mind.



5.         MoonliteSays:
I havent used Oxypowedr but I have used Bowtrol and I liked it very much; I think I will use Oxypowder this time around since I heard that its better and this review has made me want to do so. Thank you for the review, it's great.



6.         BlueStallion Says:

I use both produts Oxy Powder and Bowtrol.  They are both high quality and work well. Oxy Powder does use oxygenation so it is different than all the rest but works wonders.



7.         Jessie Says:

What a miracle Oxy Powder has been for me. You can't even imagine how sick I felt and frustrated because I was only going to the bathroom about once a week and this is if I was lucky, I'm not kidding. My situation was pretty bad. I tried every thing I could find until I ran into Oxy Powder thru a friend who lives by it. Guys this is truly I great investment go for it!



8.         SouthernBelle Says:

This is very helpful - I've been using other products with no results. Thanks for all this info. This has convinced me to try Oxypowder.


9.         Jewel Says:

I think the problem is many people go with the popular brand names and sometimes a big brand name does not cut it. I am also a fan of health products and I have tried pretty much everything under the sky. I can say that Oxypowder even though small in name is huge in quality. I used it for my colon cleansing needs and it has never dissapointed me. I think Lohan has some very good points and I agree with her 100 percent



10.       Yorkie Says:

If you need a good colon cleanse product Oxypowder is the one. B. Lohan will always tell you how it is if she says it it's the truth. thanks again lohan.

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